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News to Share! Publication in Dark Dossier, Motherwell... and a Big PR Honor from Forrester Research

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A few new announcements that serve as a bright spot in this bizarre world of 2020:

I recently got word that my short story, "The Stain in the Ceiling," was accepted by the

very creepy Dark Dossier magazine, a publication of "ghosts, aliens, monsters and killers." The magazine has some fantastic cover art, and I love the stories inside. I'll be in issue #50. This was my first foray into horror, so I'm quite psyched about it! I'll add a buy link once it's out.

In addition, my essay, "The Special Spoon" will appear on the parenting site Motherwell,

a fascinating site exploring all aspects of the parenting experience. Their essays are astute and insightful, so I'm proud to be part of their community.

One more thing, on the public relations side: My consulting business was recently named one of the Top Global Channel Public Relations Firms by Prinicipal Analyst Jay McBain of Forrester Research. "Channel" meaning the technology sales and distribution channel.

Forrester Research, people. This is the big time! Makes me feel like maybe I've made the right choices in life after all!

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