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ONCE IN A LIFETIME wins Honorable Mention in the Paris Book Festival awards, and the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group WRITES OF PASSAGE Anthology wins First Place in the Anthology category in the BookFest Awards!

It's been a good month for awards! Not sure why I just found out in September, but the GLVWG 2021 Writes of Passage Anthology was awarded a First Place honor in the BookFest Spring 2022 awards-- nice! I'm glad that all the talented writers who contributed to that collection, which I "chaired" and edited along with the GLVWG committee, can now say they are part of an award winning collection! The WRITES OF PASSAGE anthology is special in that it was curated completely during the pandemic, so it will always have a special place for those of us who worked on it as we tried to struggle through one of the darkest periods most of us could remember-- a rite of passage in itself.

And in addition, I found out that ONCE IN A LIFETIME, my debut novel that launched in May, won a Honorable Mention in the Paris Book Festival award competition! Not sure if there's going to be some kind of ceremony for that since events still seem to be a little rocked over there in Europe according to the show management, but it's wonderful to be recognized either way! I'm in their "Table of Honor" section now. They're telling me only 5% of submissions to this contest ever see a prize.

I'm looking forward to more acknowledgements as we go forward into the coming year-- let's see what happens out there!

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