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In the spirit of confessionalism, here are some things about me...

I make a brief and barely recognizable appearance in the video for Buster Poindexter’s now-timeless wedding conga-line anthem, “Hot-Hot-Hot.”

I love irreverent novels like Tom Robbins’ and Douglas Adams’. Who else can build a story around a girl who lives in a box of cigarettes in an attic with a woodpecker?

Seriously – read Jitterbug Perfume. Time will stop for you.


I wore one of the dresses in the “27 Dresses” wacky dress montage in a wedding years ago. We thought it was cute at the time.


I was surprised in so many ways to learn about my grandparents and great grandparents and how many things that I spookily have in common with them. I had a great grandmother who used to make a living by selling her long, cool black Sicilian hair to make wigs. My grandfather had this almost photographic memory and used to count cards for the Mafiosas in New York City when he was a teenager, when he needed money to support his 11 brothers and sisters. My other grandfather rose to be partner on Wall Street by never allowing himself to have an “allowable” overage in any of his books – if something wasn’t right, he recalculated until he figured out where every penny was. Oh, yes, and my grandmother says that she and my grandfather and their brothers- and sisters-in-law always went everywhere together, laughing the whole time, and were always the loudest table anywhere they went. Which sounds very familiar.

It's rumored that the actor Richard Grieco is my cousin, on the side of my family where everyone is mad at everyone else and won't speak to each other, so we can't confirm it.

I can drive a stick shift, my parents are still married, and I didn't have a cavity in my teeth until I was 25.

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