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News! GLVWG "Writes of Passage" is #21 on the Amazon Best Seller List for Fiction Anthologies

The Anthology I edited for the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group had a great day in the rankings!

It' been an experience, curating an anthology, one that I plan to repeat!

I stepped up to become the Anthology Chair of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer's Group, and assembled this collection of short stories, essays, and poems by 30 contributors from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond...

Here are the rankings for the book today:

HOT DAMN! I'll take it!

Give it a read... available to buy here.

"A fragile singer struggling to revive her career amid personal tragedy. An extraterrestrial child with some major explaining to do. A secluded widower doubting his sanity amid supernatural activities. A departed teen with some lessons for The Ferryman. Writes of Passage is full of hearts that hope, lament, and are revitalized, where protagonists fight for survival, celebrate courage, grapple with loss, and prevail over both physical and emotional obstacles. In this moving collection, the authors of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group retrace the steps that lead to life’s epiphanies, shedding light on the moments that transform us. "

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